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There is a limited record of the shows I had with the art dealer who represented me for 17 years 

1994 Crashing Thunder, Gallup NM

1995 Crashing Thunder, Gallup NM

1996 Barnes And Nobel at Broadway and Astor Place NYC

1997 Tunnel, NYC

1997 New Age Production (art in NYC storefronts)

1998 Gallery 678 West Broadway NYC

1998 Elaine Kaufman Cultural Center, NYC

1998 Alexandre de Folin, NYC

2000 Group Show, NYC

2000 The Mission, Binghamton NY

2002 Thais Gardens, Lima Peru

2003 Annex Gallery Beverly Kaye Gallery, Connecticut

2004 Open Gallery, Binghamton NY

2005 Night Gallery, Binghamton NY

2005 Outsider Art Fair (OAF), NYC

2006 Grey Carter, McLean VA

2006 OAF, NYC

2007 OAF, NYC

2008 OAF, NYC

2009 OAF, NYC

2010 Objects of Art, McLean VA

2011 Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore

2011 OAF, NYC

2012 Art Enables, Washington D.C.

2013 "Out of Towners" Gallery &, Durango Co

2013 OAF, NYC

2013 Pastels, Art 123, Gallup NM

2014 Art 123 Gallup NM

2014 OAF, NYC

2015 The Van Pelt Collection, Las Vegas NV

2015 Grey Carter, McLean Va

2016, OAF, NYC

2018 Reese Museum, Johnson City Tn

2018 OAF, NYC

2022 30 Years of SVP, Crashing Thunder, Gallup NM

2023 Crucible Galleries, Los Cerrillos NM 


Publications ~

1998-2008 Book Cover of The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, Bantam Books

Economist's Daughter by Elizabeth Cohen

Good Times Section of Gannet News papers (USA Today)

NYC Art Guide, (as Pelt)

Review of Outsider Art Fair, 2011, by Andrea Valluzzo

Antique and the Arts Weekly

Self-Taught, Outsider and Folk Art:  Guide to American     Artists, by Betty-Carol Sellen

Raw Vision International Art Magazine (advertisement)

Raw Vision International Art Magazine (advertisement)

The Outsider Art Fair show brochure for two years

Review of the Outsider Art Fair

Objects of Art, Grey Carter

Out of Towners, Durango Herald

Mecum article on Van Pelt's Motorcycle Collection

Savant Gard/ Brut Force Interview

Martini Tattoo (as designer), by Elizabeth Cohen

Bayou Literary Magazine issue 79, cover art

~ Film, Documentary, Other ~

Documentary on Jonathan Lerman

Cut Scene of "My Kid can Paint that."

"First Time I Met Shane Van Pelt" By Kjell Boersma

Photo Essay "Existment" by Carsten Fleck

IMDB credit as writer of film "Monster Slayer" 

Brian Leddy "Shane Van Pelt and his Motorcycles

Photo essay by Raw Vision staff photographer Ted Degener

~ Public Collections ~

High Museum of Art

American Visionary Art Museum

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