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Dealer and Gallery Portal

Dealer and Gallery Portal

Dealer and Gallery Portal

Dealer and Gallery Portal

Dealer and Gallery Portal

I respect and know the value of your time, this portal streamlines useful information in one place.  

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Further information is provided below: Highlights, Mission Statement, Artist's Statements, Bio.

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1. Loyalty to one art dealer for 17 years.    

2. Museums shows.  One major museum show at the American Visionary Art Museum. 

3. My art sells quickly as long as there is exposure to a venue.  

4. I have a recognisable style.

5. My body of work has 500 paintings slowly being finished ($3.6 million at current wholesale prices).

6. Huge stock of works on paper.

7. Fully developed 30 year career.

8. Maintains commitments and deadlines.

9. Active in civic duties, mentors indigenous communities.

10. Residual attention from the Outsider Art community (meaning I get attention without seeking it), like when a photographer from the International magazine Raw Vision came to my studio.

11. Large fan base, many past collectors, including celebrities, a leader and the stated favourite artist amongst fellow artists.

12. Socially very well connected, charismatic, easy going, flexible and down to earth personality.   

Mission Statement

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Artist's Statement

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