Writing about myself always proves challenging, one never knows what is meaningful and interesting to those who attend my shows and visit my webpage.  It is ironic how I can craft a story, and yet I have never managed to craft my own story.  Often I have an art dealer who is most helpful in this task, perhaps because being “market” minded is one criteria of selling art.


In the past, the biography that was being used emphasised a childhood of poverty and a family that was religiously astringent.  I’ve never felt completely confident about what that conveys since we are more than our past.  My story is more about surpassing any problems than allowing problems to define me.  I did grow up poor, and poverty in the USA is shameful, often overlooked in terms of the broader toll it takes on people.  America does not invest in her people as it should.  But there is a level of strength that such a hard upbringing can impart on those willing to learn the lessons.  As well, I recall knowing I was poor at a very young age, but poverty didn’t seem to become the dividing line until Middle school age, perhaps around age twelve.  One accepts their lives and see nothing abnormal in it because one adapts.  


Perhaps the main result of my childhood life that would profoundly effect me was in leaving home at far too young of an age, at age fifteen. It would have been nice to have conducted my teenage years under the protection of my family, however the life I embarked on was amazing.  I had been part of the youth scene in Washington State since I was thirteen, and being on my own meant I could explore this world and all it had to offer.  


The time I spent on my own was highly influential for me personally and artistically since soon Washington State would emerge as ground zero for youth culture through the Grunge scene.  I was able to be part of the scene for around four years, leaving Washington State shortly after Grunge exploded on the global scene.  Those years created Shane Van Pelt the artist, and it has been suggested that I am a Grunge Artist, although I have never called myself that.  


We never called ourselves Grunge, nor our music Grunge, and for the most part, I disliked 99.9% of the music that would be labeled "grunge."  I don’t know how my core friends reacted once the scene was commodified, but I ran the opposite direction.  For more about my time during these years, you can follow this link:

Shane Van Pelt 1990