I began my path as an artist officially at age 17, although art has been a consistent part of my life since I could remember, one of my first memories is of drawing Popeye in the back of my mother’s antique “Mother Goose” book, for which I got a spanking for.


My work ethic has never changed since age 17, although as I have aged I give myself permission to take week long breaks.  I didn’t take my first vacation from art until my early thirties, requiring my sketch book or water colours on my trips prior.  However there comes a point when it simply feels nice to do nothing at all.  


My day is filled with making art with many long breaks to entertain, go out to nature with friends.  When I am not painting, I am writing.

I use the highest quality of paints.  The brands I use are mainly:

Williamsburg, USA 

Old Holland, Netherlands

Sennelier, France

Schmincke, Germany

Other Brands I use are:

Gamblin, USA

Holbein, Japan

Blockx, Belguim

Winsor Newton, British