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"One of America's leading visual geniuses"
-Douglas Rushkoff, New York Times Columnist and Author

Discover Shane Van Pelt

post-contemporary art


Art in Crisis

Art and culture are intrinsically linked. When art is stuck, it can have a trickle-down effect on the rest of culture. Art is part of the ecology of culture, and when it's unable to progress, the rest of culture can become stuck too. In our current cultural climate Punk rock is a form of art that would have a hard time being expressed because it is so heavily reliant on subversion and challenging people’s beliefs.  It would have been "cancelled."  


The Cafe Racer

Short film by Award winning Canadian director Kjell Boersma 

"Van Pelt has become a hero of the Outsider art movement."
-Brut Force Art Zine

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